Present and Future of the Real Estate Market on the Costa del Sol

Rocío Rodríguez, Managing Director STAND MARBELLA

In this occasion we want to let at your disposal the interview that we where fortunate to conduct to one of our most valuable contributors, Rocío Rodríguez, Delegate of the Agency STAND MARBELLA, a professional who has been more than 30 years practicing her job in “La Costa Del Sol” and tells us about her view of the Real-Estate Sector in her area and how the customer who buys this kind of assets has developed.

Interview in Aveula Redes

Javier Claveras, Gerente de Aveula Redes

Tuesday 8th April, rainy day and fully-fledged storm; thank God I arrive in AVEULA REDES's office in San Marcial street. Given its central location, I find shelter from the severe weather conditions in the adjacent streets until I come into the splendid entrance hall.

Inside I am welcomed by Javier Claveras, Managing Director and Member of AVEULA. Once the appropriate introductions are made and I am sitting at the glass table of his office, I shoot.