Interview in Aveula Redes

Javier Claveras, Gerente de Aveula Redes

Tuesday 8th April, rainy day and fully-fledged storm; thank God I arrive in AVEULA REDES's office in San Marcial street. Given its central location, I find shelter from the severe weather conditions in the adjacent streets until I come into the splendid entrance hall.

Inside I am welcomed by Javier Claveras, Managing Director and Member of AVEULA. Once the appropriate introductions are made and I am sitting at the glass table of his office, I shoot.

Why does AVEULA come to existence precisely now? What needs does it seek to cover?
AVEULA's origin is greatly premeditated. In 2013, the members had the vision that, on the one hand, macroeconomic data seemed to point toward a slow but unmistakable recovery; on the other hand, through foreign clients I have come to observe a growing albeit careful interest in investment.
No wonder, given where we are coming out from, right?
Right. We must understand that in a global economy which is increasingly interconnected, capital looks for good business opportunities and in Europe there is an existing awareness that significant adjustments have been made in Spain and that the time has come to take positions.
And what does AVEULA offer?
AVEULA offers the possibility to those foreign companies wishing to establish themselves here to develop commercial networks. In addition, we handle turnkey management, company establishment, offices search, personnel selection and training, and so on and so forth. Naturally, our functions also involve consulting and managing on your behalf when it comes to investment decisions, either in real estate or capital markets.
I have also noticed that you complement this service with others offered to companies from Guipúzcoa.
Yes, the second business line consists in operating as an Outsourcing company. There is a steadily increasing number of companies wishing to outsource certain services or areas of their business in order to achieve higher profitability. In this way, they get to have (always on behalf of their company) specialized professionals in those areas which, for some reason or another, are not functioning properly.
Could you give a specific example?
Of course. There are two services which have undergone a notorious growth: delinquency management and banking debt management. In these times, professional treatment is increasingly imposing itself in order to produce complex operations to ensure the viability of the projects. We want to be there, too.
What's your motto? I see you attach great importance to direct treatment with clients.
Yes, in our case it is always the client who decides and who has the key to his decisions. We assist him in the decision making. To say it plainly, we make everything easier. Trust between both parties is complete, that is why one of our mottos is "We get as far as you want to get": the client invariably establishes the goals and objectives.

After a ten minute conversation and a friendly good-bye, I come out of the office, having the first article that will be published on the website. I look at the sky again and see that it has stopped rainning. I can't help but think there is a similarity with the interview's background: after a storm comes a calm... and so do good opportunities.

E.G. is currently studying in the Faculty of Deusto, and collaborates with AVEULA in marketing, advertising and direct communication programmes.