Present and Future of the Real Estate Market on the Costa del Sol

Rocío Rodríguez, Managing Director STAND MARBELLA

In this occasion we want to let at your disposal the interview that we where fortunate to conduct to one of our most valuable contributors, Rocío Rodríguez, Delegate of the Agency STAND MARBELLA, a professional who has been more than 30 years practicing her job in “La Costa Del Sol” and tells us about her view of the Real-Estate Sector in her area and how the customer who buys this kind of assets has developed.

Good morning Rocío, we already know that you have been working in this sector for many years, but tell us, how was your beginning like?
I signed up for the Real-estate Sector in 1984, starting my professional career with the ESTIMPRO company, dedicated to construction and promotion. I used to lend my services as a secretary. The owners of the company changed the conception of their business and STAND INMOBILIARIO was born, dedicated to the sale in new promotion, own construction and resale. In that moment I was asked to be part of the sale team in an own promotion “RESIDENCIAL XARBLANCA” and since that moment in 1986 I have not stopped until now.
I guess you have a secret that has helped you to stay ahead in spite of all the changes that the market has suffered.
I need to confess my advantages in the sector, first the professional knowledge about it, the passion with which I take my job and the enthusiasm and honesty with which I take each and every one of my sales. All this involves a huge dedication and also a huge personal satisfaction when a sale is successfully accomplished.

My view of the Real-Estate Sector is positive, with suitable advice investments are always secure, I encourage investors to bet on it, being la Costa del Sol “THE JEWEL” in the crown.

According to your experience, how has the market developed in these last few years? Has the kind of clients of la Costa del Sol changed?
I notice some improvement in the market. Properties in our database, with not much interest in location, have lost their sales during this year. But above all, as far as properties located in preferential areas is concerned, the seller can be sure that, in case of the client’s incapacity to take a decision, there will be many other people interested in the immediate purchase of the offered property. The fluidity of customers has been easier to notice during the first and the second trimesters of the year.
And nationalities?
The affluence in Costa del Sol is diverse. Around 70% of our clients are European (principally British, Scandinavian and Spaniards from the north). The Russian market has increased strongly in the area the last years, and the Chinese one too. The main reason for this is the recently promulgated law that gives the residence in Spain to the Real Estate investments that exceed 500.000 €. This strategy encourages Chinese investors to invest in Costa del Sol, as it uses them to both penetrate Europe and invest securely in the Costa.
Which role are financial entities playing at the moment?
Banks continue with their conservative strategy. Their main goal is to sell their Real Estate. Their stocks are declining, along with the quality and situation of the properties. Regarding the financing, the lending flow remains at low rates and with a great amount of barriers before granting credit to clients. However, if we look at the profile of the actual client, we can see that he/she is a mature person who in most cases buys in cash.
Now that we are alone, tell me the most strange case you have encountered in all these years.
Throughout my career, I have lived a bunch of exciting stories, from closing a property sale by telephone without showing it to the buyer, to the customer who wanted to invest less than 200.000€ and ends up buying a villa that is worth 800.000€.

I lived the most ludicrous story when I represented a financial entity. This entity had a property with a 10% discount in its price. At first, the buyer rejected to acquire this property, but a few months later, the entity agreed to sell it to him for half the price it had originally. Unbelievable, isn’t it?