Siéntase seguro de todas y cada una de las decisiones que tome.

We evaluate and manage your capital resources to ensure maximum profitability. We act independently and always with major transparency to give you confidence in every decision you make.

Integral Services

  • Personal consulting regarding investment portfolio composition and obtained revenue, as well as capital optimisation policies and diversification from €100,000.
  • RADAR service: notifications when an opportunity matching your interests comes up, both in national and international markets.
  • Assets diversification through financial entities which work together with us, all of which are supremely reliable and have solvency levels superior to the financial sector average, according to the latest European Central Bank evaluations.
  • Assets management through our agreement with QRENTA, a values agency with more than 20 years of experience as well as a capital superior to € 450 million, profitability levels superior to those of the market on its Moderate Fund and constantly exceeding benchmark. Management contract through EFPA member Spain and 23 years of experience in national finance.

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