Unburden your company of non-related tasks

Outsourcing of those tasks performed by your company which you wish to keep outside your structure. Should you not be able to devote to a task as much time as it demands, or should you like to discreetly keep new market related researches or jobs of a certain importance outside of your professional area, you decide which tasks you would like to outsource. Some of the tasks we have handled for our clients include:

  • Specific management of debt recovery (personalized treatment with direct reporting with the frequency chosen by the client)
  • Quality controls on employees, suppliers or client satisfaction levels under the parameters assigned by you.
  • Research on real estate and personal controls on its occupation.
  • Availability of our offices and conflict mediation (arbitration)
  • Specific training regarding sales networks, teamwork and motivation, according to the parameters developed by you.
  • Packs

    Conflict resolution

    Legal representation and mediation in business as well as commercial disputes.

    Negotiation and representation before the government, clients, suppliers or employees.

    Searching for representatives with specific training in conflict resolution.


    Direct negotiation on behalf of the client in diverse matters.

    Report calendar and on-line communication.

    Keeping track of orders and deliveries, verifying of goods, etc.

    These fees do not include mileage expense and other costs inherent to the study (parking, tolls, bank certificates, etc.) of which evidence shall in all cases be presented to the company and which shall be charged separately.

    Contracting Instructions

    The resolution time for the packages varies depending on their complexity and objectives. The reply following the acceptance of a given package is issued within 72 hours.

    Once AVEULA has accepted the application, the client must pay 50% of the amount of the package. The other 50% will be paid upon receipt.

    The process is as follows:

    1. The client sees in the website a package that interests him.
    2. He accesses the further information request window, which he must fill in with his data and a brief description of what interests him.
    3. AVEULA contacts him, provides further information and checks the global needs and costs associated to the service.
    4. Within 72 hours, AVUELA confirms the client's application, accepting or declining it.
    5. Upon acceptance, the client issues a bank amounting to 50% of the cost indicated in the application.
    6. Upon receipt of the payment, AVUELA sets to work and initiates formalization of the package.

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